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Colagiovanni Family

The Colagiovanni Family
Giana, Angela, John, Joe and Gio

About Lincoln Packing

Cranston, Rhode Island based Lincoln Packing is a third generation family owned meat company. Much has changed over the years but what hasn’t changed is the attention to quality, detail and on time delivery for our varied customer base.

As President Giovanni "John" Colagiovanni observed; "our customers may have changed over time but we are still making our Italian sausages using the same 100+ year old recipe that my father Joseph brought to the US from my great grandmother in Italy".


Joseph Colagiovanni was trained as a butcher while serving his country in the United States Army. Upon discharge in 1957 he and his brother Vincent purchased the two Paradise Meat Markets in Providence, Rhode Island. These neighborhood markets allowed them the opportunity to hone their skills as butchers as well as build relationships and trust with their customers…something that is still very important today.

Several years later they had an opportunity to purchase Lincoln Packing which at the time was also located in Providence and was one of the suppliers to Paradise. Joseph and Vincent purchased Lincoln Packing and gradually spent more and more time on the manufacturing side of the business. They eventually sold the two Paradise Markets because they were so busy making products with Lincoln Packing.

At their peak the two brothers would take delivery of full trailers of hanging beef which would then be trimmed, cut, portioned and packaged for markets and restaurants throughout the state. Over time they also became a purveyor of lamb, pork, veal and assorted sandwich meats in addition to their butcher business.

Needing more space they moved to Cranston in 1970. About this time they created the Giovanni brand of Italian Sausages using a 100+ year old family recipe. They also developed a unique pork breakfast sausage. Both items continue to be considered ‘signature’ items. They have greatly expanded the Giovanni line to include both pork and chicken sausage with a variety of spices, herbs and hotness.

Lincoln Packing Today

All products are now available in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). Lincoln also offers a full line of portion control products (chicken, beef, pork) in air sealed Cryovac packaging to ensure freshness for 14-21 days. In addition to retail this packaging is especially appealing to hotels, schools, hospitals and restaurants. All of Lincoln Packing’s products are produced in a spotless state of the art manufacturing facility that is USDA and HACCP certified.

In addition to the sausage products mentioned above, Lincoln Packing’s increasingly popular Shaved Steak is made fresh daily and available in MAP or bulk packed. We offer a variety of ground beef products (bulk and patties), distribute Giovanni meatballs and are the Rhode Island Master Distributor for Saugy Hot Dogs.

Lincoln Packing continues to expand and now includes the third generation with Angela, Giana and Gio Colagiovanni on board. John states; "My family is thrilled to be celebrating 55 years serving our loyal customers. We are in the process of increasing our innovative quality product offerings and distribution to better serve our expanding customer base. We plan to increase distribution throughout New England, NY, NJ and PA, introduce new products and do more private label brand business. This business and our proprietary products have come to define three generations of my family and hopefully will continue to do so."