Private Label

“Dave’s Marketplace has been dealing with Lincoln Packing and the Colagiovanni family for years. They are the only vendor we use for our private label meat products. They are large enough to meet all of our needs while ensuring consistent quality……they are also flexible enough to do special orders and short runs. I trust Lincoln Packing explicitly.”

Steve Hogan, Dave’s Marketplace Warwick, RI


“Frankly, I was not sure that suppliers like Lincoln Packing still existed. We have recently begun to purchase all of our Shaved Steak from Lincoln. We blind tested their shaved steak against many others and the results were overwhelmingly in their favor. I am confident that this is the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship for both companies.”

Peter Galliant, PFG Springfield, MA


“We have always known that Lincoln Packing made a unique and superior Italian Sausage but after testing their Shaved Steak I think that will soon become their ‘signature product’. It is everything we are looking for; a superior product with competitive pricing and on time delivery. I am glad that we found them!”

Lou Lipman, Costa Provision Boston, MA

Market Deli

“I honestly don’t know what I would do without Lincoln Packing as one of my suppliers. Like them, we are a family owned operation with a long standing reputation in our community. It gives me confidence to know that when I call I will be speaking directly to one of the owners and when I call they treat me like I am the most important customer they have. They bend over backwards to meet my needs, even the special, unusual and last minute requests!”

Victor Goglia, Goglia’s Bristol, RI


“Over the last 30 years much has changed at Uncle Tony’s. We have opened and closed many restaurants and survived the many changes in our industry. One thing that has not changed in those 30 years is our relationship with Lincoln Packing. We use Lincoln Packing sausages exclusively in our two restaurants. Like Uncle Tony’s, Lincoln Packing is consistent and reliable and we very much value our relationship.”

Ed Carosi, Uncle Tony’s Restaurants Cranston and East Providence, RI


“Perkins does not change suppliers very often but when John from Lincoln Packing approached us we knew immediately that we had to listen. I am glad we did. For the past three years Lincoln has been our sole sausage and shaved steak supplier. They even provide us a custom blend using Angus Chuck Roll. We don’t change vendors often but I am thrilled we switched to Lincoln Packing.”

Ted Cordin, Perkins Taunton, MA

Territory Sales Manager

“I have been a Territory Manager covering much of New England for over 15 years. In that time I have called on all account classifications; distributors, restaurants, schools, hospitals, country clubs, nursing homes, state institutions and universities. During that time I have been fortunate to always represent Lincoln Packing. Being able to represent their wonderful products has made my job so much easier. I can sell with confidence knowing that my customer is going to get superior product at a good value.”

Derek Kimball, PFG Springfield, MA