Shaved Steak

Lincoln Brand Shaved Steak

Shaved Steak is rapidly surpassing Italian Sausage as our “Signature” item. We purchase only the best domestic Angus Beef and shave it fresh daily. The cuts we use are: Chuck Roll (our standard), Angus Chuck Roll, Loin Tail, Angus Special Trim and Extra Lean Trim. Although Chuck Roll is what we make daily you can choose any cut (or combination) for purchase.

Our multi step processes guarantees our retail customers, and in turn their customer, of an attractive (at point of sale), lean, thin and delicious shaved steak. We stand ready to have you compare our shaved steak against any of our competitors and would be happy to visit you for a ‘cutting’.


Lincoln Brand Shaved Steak
Restaurant and Distributor: Two fresh 5 pound polybags to a case.
Retail: 12 MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) fresh 1 pound trays to a box.
Note: Shaved Steak for retail is usually prepared extra lean because it looks so good at point of sale.

Nutritional Facts

Extra Lean Shaved Steak

Chuck Roll Shaved Steak